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I was honoured to visit my elder, my big brother and my hero recently in Nairobi. President Uhuru is an inspiration to many of us across East Africa and Africa!

It's been 31 years since we last saw you Afande Fred. But you are still the greatest warrior that ever was!

In many parts of Uganda our culture can only be described as Eastern cultures. Like the Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese cultures we almost worship our fathers. My people the Banyankore say 'Isheomuntu niwe Ruhanga we omunsi'.

With my closest comrades when Mzee sent us to attend a long course in North Korea in 2004. The people of North Korea are great friends of Africa and Uganda.

Late General Pecos Kutesa, far right, in the bush in the early 1980s with late Patrick Lumumba (in the blue jacket) and others. General Pecos was a true patriot, a great warrior and an intellectual soldier. Always funny, warm and witty. May his soul rest in peace.

Yesterday, we were honoured to host His Grace the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, The Most Reverend Stephen Samuel Kazimba. We thank him for his pastoral visit to Land Forces Headquarters, for praying for us and ministering to us.

We were also honoured yesterday to host His Excellency Fukuzawa Hidemoto, Japan's Ambassador to Uganda. We discussed enhancing Uganda-Japan military cooperation. He also briefed us on the many great economic and social programs Japan conducts in Uganda. I thank him for his visit.

General Yoweri Museveni, still the greatest warrior in Africa. His strength is that he is a master of the 'Indirect approach' of warfare.

Dear friends! On behalf of my family I wish to thank u all fr yr beautiful sympathy that deeply touched us when we lost our Dad. It’s hard to express our flngs as u can imagine but just know that the comfort and support u gave us in sorrow helped us enormously. We are grateful!

Pole sana ndugu McDans. I remember very well, you telling me the exact words you have said about your dad. May God give you & your family strength & comfort through this trying moment. May He accept his good deeds & receive his soul in paradise. Rest In Peace Muzeyi🙏🏾

it's very sad

Very unfortunate, RIP Mzeei

It's unfortunate my condolence [email protected] , my friend sheebah and the entire family. May he rest in eternal peace 🙏

My condolence and entire family. Oweishemwe mukama amuhumuze gye🙏

Thank you Afande for being a true friend by mourning a friend’s father. Rest In Peace Mzee wa 🙏

A sad day for Col MC Dans & family, May God strengthen them

No doubt sayaya went to heaven may the angels receive him with joyful songs and keep him safe till we meet again 🙏🙏🙏

So sad to comrade Kamugira and their family. May the almighty God comfort them. RIP.