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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

🎃CHARACTER DESIGNS REDESIGNS COMMISSIONS OPEN do you want a cute, sexy or creepy character? I'm the girl for the job!👀💃 also I can do model sheets I want more samples for my portfolio 💖📨[email protected] any RTs will so helpful! thanks😭

special icon commissions closed! thanks so much for commissioning me!! 💀💖

Art trade que hice para 💕 Sus personajes Ronnie y Evelyn✨fue divertido dibujarlos c:

I wanna do deltarune fanart? YES not so fast but I'LL DO


Some hand drawings that may not be perfect but made with love, haha I really enjoyed drawing them✍️💖

haha I'm glad do you like my sona drawings have good support 💖💖

yeee thanks for the all support! GRACIAAAS AAAAAAH and VIVA MÉXICOOOO VIVAAAAAAA!!!!

the second one is more like sketch yeah, I can do full render like the first one or other thing if you want ;D

I post it so night due I take care of my dog ;; she is sick ;; but she finnaly can sleep and I can sleep too :')

these months was so hard but I'm sure I'll have a brilliant future✨💖

Y si hago streaming dibujando mientras tengo historias de terror o veo alguna peli? igual yo comentando de vez en cuando dichas cosas no se si les interese a los que me siguen en twitch 💦💦

finally I can draw a bnha sad fanart who I was waiting months to do >:) hehe just wait for it hehehe

beep beeep new drawing here

spooky redraw!!, is september yeah you know starts halloween right?..right? lol okay the first drawing from 2018 and the new one yeah I like it so much how I improve💚🪱

I like draw sexy monsters send tweet

DTIYS for this is my first Simpsons fanart haha💛!!