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Jessica William

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The votes so far have got us wondering what questions you would "axe" if the creeper could answer with anything other than a hiss? 🪓

Enduring friendship, extraordinary endeavors, and the power of Minecraft to bring people together! Would you dare face the titanous tasks of Anarchia? Read an excerpt from Minecraft: The Haven Trials and learn how to pick up your copy today: 📖

Watch while we leap into a new collaboration with coming soon!

Shhhh! We don’t only mean our presenters’ ceaseless bickering, that racket you’re making will attract the warden! Get your own back on this terror of the deep by discovering its darkest secrets in Episode 6 of the Secrets of Minecraft 📺

What's the highest floor you've reached in the Tower?

Buried booty, be-shelled buddies, and breathtaking beauty! We could only be blathering on about one biome: beaches! Join us for a relaxing stroll and learn more about the place that’s so much more than a dry dock for drowned: 🏖️

Last week we voted to join our favorite teams, but this week we have a pressing question. A creeper has rounded the corner while we were mining! What do we do?!

Give this post a like if you had a restful weekend or if you've had time to download and play one of the free New Year's Celebration maps! Let us know if you have a favorite, or if you're looking forward to playing one below! 🎇

Tell us your favorite way to unwind after an exciting Tower run!

What a turn out! 121,350 of you voted and we have the results! The Carefree Pigs had the largest roster with 34.3% joining their team! The Plotting Sheep follow up with 22.3% of the vote, Silly Cows with 22.1%, and Flying Chickens at 21.3%! Which four teams will we see next?

The Silly Cows, Flying Chickens, and Plotting Sheep continue to cut into the Carefree Pigs' lead! Have you picked a team you'd like to be on? We hope you choose before the poll ends! ✅

Say these words to yourself every time you log in to Minecraft

Whether you're making a space for your inventory in Survival or a larger project while soaring in Creative, Minecraft offers choices for the choosey! Which mode is for you? While there's no wrong answer, you may find your way here 🌐

One moment you’re enjoying a leisurely stroll through a mineshaft, the next, your rambling is abruptly ended by a burning box! But what spawns spawners? Can you pause their production? Find out as we learn all about the block that just keeps on giving 🌐

┏┓ ┃┃╱╲ In this ┃╱╱╲╲ house ╱╱╭╮╲╲we ▔▏┗┛▕▔ ╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲ love Baby Ghasts ╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲ ▔▏┗┻┛┃┃┗┻┛▕▔

Survive a mutated world, find a new favorite creature, or test your memory while rebuilding gorgeous scenes! Mansions, dragons, and even more frightening creepers are part of the 27 new items available for January’s Realms Plus 🌐

The Carefree Pigs remain in the lead, but the other teams are gathering steam and catching up! If you haven't voted yet, give some support to your favorite team today, or share the poll with your friends, so they can choose too!

We are excited to announce our Peace with Nature Global Build Challenge winners! In partnership with , we asked students to imagine and build ways to live more sustainably. See all of our winners:

The last free Bedrock Edition map of the New Year’s Celebration has risen! Protect the castle from hordes of the undead in Grave Danger by ! Are you ready to fight? 🧟

We always think about safety here that’s why we’ve postponed the next Minecraft Now to ensure we comply with local Covid-19 rules. You can learn more below and help us prepare for episode two by tagging your warden art with ℹ️