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Its my fighter trending for her beauty shuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Thembi Seete ka sebele periodt.

The River is the BEST telenovela ,please. 😭❤️🔥🔥Amazing actors ,great storylines.👌👌🙌I love it here.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I tried not to cry but After what Zolani said to Ta Zweli,Aunty and Andile I couldn't hold my tears.😭❤️❤️❤️The love that the Dikanas have for each other is truly amazing.👌❤️❤️

🗣️Gladiators come this side🗣️ Thembi Seete has been nominated for the Actress of The Year Award by the Scream African Women Awards 🥺🥳 Let's all work together to get her this one by voting for her on 🙏🥺

Hello n Gladiators. I need die hard Gladiators who are in Jozi. Please let me know ko inbox got some for y'all. Thank you

Not Thathi saying she doesn't want to lose Melusi. Girl wake up Melusi aint yours ke husband ya Gladys he aint yours n hasn't been yours

Bathong Thathi leave Gladys alone hle for heaven's sake yoh. Now she is Melusi's spokesperson or she just wants to see Gladys

Melusi stressed because Gladys didn't take him back. Mara if i remember correctly he said Thathi ke ene soulmate n Gladys is not n when he is with Gladys he was dead now what?

Bathong Gladys really is my fighter. Like my girl just did that

Melusi is Gladys's weakness no matter what. My Queen love this man with all her heart. Jackie always giving Melusi the best advices but he be using them to hurt Gladys everytime

Bathong Melusi if you want to go back home just say so and stop asking Gladys if she wants you to come back n wena le Thathi stop harassing Gladys yessss or y'all both want her?

Nah at this point Thathi is inlove with Gladys she wants her coz there is no way.

Not Thathi acting all shocked as if she didn't want to do the same ka Langa.

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The sacrifices Gladys has made for this man you really can't be serious. This is all his fault everything, even the pain he feeling its his fault, even the mistakes Gladys made its his fault

You must be joking ware a mere cheating triggered by who?

Eseessss i live for this vayolenceeeeee Gladys. My queen is back

Not Gladys busy spring cleaning n Zodwa being emotional thinking she firering her. Zodwa o dramatic fela jaaka Don

Not Melusi after having a heavenly night with his sidechick n then think about Gladys n the funeral. Can someone tell him please?