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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Satsuki Sama!!! of my fave costumes i made. Pls Kindly help me create more cosplays by signing up to my Patreon or Onlyfans. proceeds will all go to my new projects and conventions. and get exclusive rewards. links are here including my Instagram: -

im soooo embarrassed i forgot my aesthetician appointment today. i work none stop i dont know what date it is. jesus.

FOREVER obsessed w the way 90s anime women were drawn

So today Instagram is banning anyone with guideline violations from using links in their stories. Pretty much everyone I know has at least one, even SFW accounts and small business. Swipe up/Sticker links are crucial to creators. Wtf

Today we received this notification from out of the blue stating our link sticker ability will be removed on October 25th. What is going on ? Why are you censoring a watchdog group monitoring hate on your platform?

All Genshin Impact character models I made so far, updated version.

shoot went amazing! taking a day off tomorrow to avoid burnout!. still got 2 sets to shoot!. gnyyytt!!!...

and world peace

a classic lady dior purse in medium for christmas. and a 23 inch waist!....

When the entire fandom hits theaters on November 24.

its " i miss you " season ladies. stay woke!!! 👀👀👀

guys ask me where i get my nsfw cosplays for their gf's. i dont care about ur relationships or what u do in bed. so whats in it fo meeee??? 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 imma snitch links but...😂😂😂

Drawing Bayonetta because the world needs more of her 💖

" wORlDstAR " soc med made a lot of humans unbearable

not spoiling " my name " but wasnt fan of the ending and the plot is predictable but its really good!

IG is highkey switching to vids. im terrible at scripted jokes, and ill never do those dances and i am not into cringe post lol.....are my days in social media numbered? lol

" my name " is actually good! damn these asian netflix series are bomb!

literal sewer rat kings. those gross ones. idc about ur scifi equivalent of it