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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

It. Is. Launched! “Flowing Earth” is LIVE! A collection of 50 1/1 pieces of nature’s own masterful paintings 0.3 ETH EACH Available on . Hurry!

NOW AVAILABLE! My first-ever NFT project saves wildlife through crowdfunding conservation. I’m donating $60,000 USD to purchase and protect the home jungle of the Orangutan in Borneo through my Genesis NFT collection

The goodest of nights! When days are getting shorter they’re definitely not getting longer

Yeeeeess! Eyrún is one with the glaciers. And this is a great personal collection that shows that 5 year glacier guiding journey 🧊

Brewing my own beer. Should I mint it?

The Greenlandic sea is a maze of a trillion piece glacier puzzle

Eyrún spent 5 years on glaciers for this 🧊

A classic question of ice or fire?

I’ve been really inspired by Jan’s style lately. No matter if it’s glaciers or woods, his work stays great

GM from north of the wall 🏔️

GN Here is a horse in a KISS cover band 🦓

A grand 3-day adventure from a few weeks ago 🧊🧊🧊

It’s out!!! This is something that could be game changing. And will blow a lot of minds. So excited to see this NFT project come to life. You have to check it out. Yea, now

Rowing a camera crew through some proper glacial slush today. Reusing my long lost skills from my raft guide days

Gn Twitter frens, Was umming & ahhing about this one. What do you think? 🤷🏼

Who said a 1°C Icelandic October day can’t bring summer vibes ☀️