Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Whenever I'm asked to "ERP" in FFXIV 😫😣

For legal reasons, this is a joke.

"What? Never seen a korpokkur getting watered before?"

きょうの 🎨カララント:コリブリピンク! びっくりするほど使った記憶がなかったので、せっかくだからなんかカワイ~風にしてあげようかと思って……思っ……ウン………?🤔(((違和感しかない)))

I switched into my SAM for a different pic that wouldnt highlight my glam. I completely forgot how much I love my SAM glam

in heroes' gauntlet...

Still thinking about her 🥺

Today's May this smile shine bright on the start of your week!

ffxiv twitter be like: "oh your grandma died? dude you think that's bad just wait till shadowbringers"

"didn't mean to moan like that my bad"

i slammed my parse on the trial floor

Sorry for the long thread ;w; But I got so excited! I did it! No more suffering! ((Thank for cheering on me the whole time ♥))

So ...there is this new glam in Endwalker ...and I wanted to draw my boy Hythlodaeus in it ..this took me more time that I wanted but excuses ☺️🐚 🏙️

taking in the sights of amaurot!

Paperwork has been piling up... Again

Yup, this'll do nicely