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A true loyalist of a party is one that strives for a party from the grassroots. Babul Supriyo and Mukul Roy experience should teach BJP not to buy fruits from a supermarket but have homegrown fruits. Organic food works in life must work in politics too.

Excellent analogy Savio !


Yes exactly. BJP should learn this


And Home grown fruits like yedurappa and Rupani ji are discarded like beyond expired date ?

Absolutely correct Sir! But these people don't seem to be learning. They are taking in everyone and anyone who is coming from other parties. They don't get they are not here because they had a change of heart. They are just opportunists.

Rightly said 👍

Big lesson to

No better words. Leadership should be very careful about inducting Capt. A.

Very True Savio, such AayaRam-GAYARams switch sides at the smallest opportunity. This also proves that only a grassroots BJP worker can withstand the pressures like that of post election violence in WB and not such opportunists.

Well said sir. All ayram n gayaram could nt under the ideology n virtue of a party like bjp.