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Jessica William

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Essence of Champagne Wave! 🍾 It’s time to celebrate the one year anniversary of Yakuza: Like a Dragon releasing in the West! What’s your favorite Kiwami Skill?

Psst… Lost Judgment is now on sale up to 40% off! ⚖️ PlayStation: Nov 19 – Nov 29 Xbox: Nov 19 – Dec 2

The latest RGG Studio track jackets are now available for pre-order! 🐲 The design is based on jackets worn by RGG Studio staff members. The gold color was chosen through a fan poll!

Smells like something new has landed! Introducing the Yakuza, Shenmue and Sonic the Hedgehog unisex Cologne from ! With three awesome scents, which is your favourite? 🇬🇧 | 🇪🇺

Yakuza fans, you asked and we answered! Introducing the brand new range including the awesome snapback, water bottle and t-shirt! 🇬🇧 | 🇪🇺

Where are your favorite spots to fly the drone?

While you might be tempted to pet the various cats around town, don’t hang around too long! 🐈

We HIT THE GOAL so now we're in *stretch goal* territory in the final stretch of this 14 hour stream - Starting Yakuza: Like a Dragon now and heading over to Lost Judgment in two hours!

What’s better than a skateboard? A HOVERBOARD*! Available in the Detective Essentials Pack DLC. *can still get hit by moving vehicles.


Tired: Dressing up for Halloween Wired: Dressing up for Halloween everyday

Lost Judgment has been nominated for Xbox Game of the Year at the ! 🎉 Click the link below to vote and a huge thank you to everyone who’s shown their support already!

Shortly after arriving in Yokohama, Yagami soon realizes there’s a bunch of students who always seem to be looking for trouble. Unfortunately for troublemaker Matsui here, Yagami doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

As if one very good boi wasn’t enough, three additional detective puppers demand your attention in the Detective Essentials Pack DLC.

Just a wholesome Tsukumo appreciation message. What would we do without him?