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Based on one of longest-running (and unequivocally least popular) columns, Norse Mythology for Bostonians is highly unanticipated but set for release on January 29, 2020 anyway.

Ask and Embla let it all hang out in Sölvesborg in the Kingdom of Sweden

Nummela Sanatorium, an abandoned hospital in the village of Röykkä has rumors of paranormal phenomena, like the windows of the building show mysterious lights, and on the edge of the roof there is a woman who commits suicide by jumping down.

Vita Frun (The Lady in White) haunts Stockholm's royal palace, mysteriously appearing in her glamorous white dress and foreshadowing the death of a member of the royal family.

Some of the most endearing qualities about Grettir Ásmundarson are his foul temper, his terrible luck, and his charming good looks.

Bjära-conjuring is a unique and special past-time that was all the rage in 15th and 16th century Sweden. The bjära’s purpose of course is to steal other peoples’ milk via the sneaky swallow and regurgitate technique.

The Gloson is a Swedish ghost pig. The supernatural creature carries a book in its mouth and whoever manages to grab this will gain knowledge in sorcery.

I love these spooky houses by Wilfred Jenkins so much! 👻🖤 'The spirit-world around this world of sense Floats like an atmosphere, and everywhere Wafts through these earthly mists and vapoursdense A vital breath of more ethereal air.' - Longfellow

It’s been a few years now since the Draken Harald Hårfagre sacked the Witch City

Stockholm (Log Isle) is built on an archipelago where fresh water meets salt in the Kingdom of Sweden:

Good evening. Here are two cat tales, and a dog tale, from Scandinavia, for . 1. A Swedish folktale: “The Castle that Stood on Golden Columns.” The cat steals the giant’s land and castle, then puts off the giant until the sun rises.

Some of the most endearing qualities about Egil Skallagrimsson are his hostility, his rage, and his charming good looks.

Way up in Jämtland in the Kingdom of Sweden lurks Storsjöodjuret (The Big Lake Monster) in its watery abode. Once protected as an endangered species, that priviledge was revoked in 2005 but the aquatic cryptid has yet to be captured.

The Scandinavian Menace raids again

Gjallarbron is the bridge over the river Gjöll, which is guarded by Modgunn and must be crossed to enter Hel. Balder went to Hel because he died but not in battle and it was all Loki’s fault. 🖼 Gerhard Munthe

Hotel California is the Eagles’ single greatest work and the benchmark by which all other works of literary crime fiction are now compared.

This passage reminded me of 😋🍻(fighting words? I hope not!)

Neither of these things is going to finish themselves