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Delighted to announce we've raised £1143.60 from the RoM charity preview this season, taking the total made for Trafford Macmillan over the years to close to £9k. Thanks so much for your support. Download the PDF: Buy on Kindle:

This fella has 80k followers. You can pretend these accounts don’t exist if you like but I’m talking facts 👍

I really hope that, sooner rather than later, people accept that , and others shouldn't be allowed to make money from a club they have no right associating themselves to. You're not one of us, so fuck off, you glory hunting twats.

There are fan channels and websites that acknowledge Ole's flaws without being disrespectful. They're run by people who have supported the club all their life, whose parents did, whose grandparents did etc. And then there are people who have no place representing our club.

Hating on club legends, hoping that Liverpool beat us etc. is not what any actual United fan would do. Voicing valid criticism against the manager is acceptable, but you can easily spot the people who aren't proper fans by the things they've said over recent weeks.

I can only speak vicariously through my dad, who went to watch United as they became the first English team to win the European Cup, and then were in Division 2 a few years later. But he modelled what being a football fan was for me.

You don't get it, and I'm sad for you, cos you're missing what we get. And there's nothing we can say to change your mind. So poor you. Whoever replaces Ole, whenever that happens, will never give you what you need. Maybe supporting City or Newcastle will satisfy you 👍

And it's not down to whether you think Ole is the right man for the job or not. Fans are totally entitled to say he isn't good enough. But to abuse Ole or to claim you hope Liverpool beat us? I genuinely pity the people behaving like this.

I've seen talk this week about how he'd never call for Ole to be sacked and how he finds it insane that anyone who claims to be a United fan speak so disrespectfully about a club legend. I wholeheartedly agree with him.

I've seen Moyes, Van Gaal and Mourinho on their last legs. While I was fully behind each of these managers I recognised when their time was coming to an end. But I'm a red. My view on the manager would never deter from my desperation to see us beat a hated rival.

The weird thing about tonight is, while the Old Trafford crowd were supporting the team for 90 minutes, and going potty when we scored every goal, United "fans" on Twitter were miserable. And are hoping for their team to lose at the weekend. Incomprehensible to me.

Ronaldo scored the winner but a fantastic performance from yet again. Love to see him silence the doubters. His form is up there with the best games of his career.

What a ball from Bruno. What a finish from 😍

These are the comments, regardless of how long left Ole has at United, that we should respect the manager for. Nothing is about him, everything is about the club. He was a manager we needed. He builds the players up and the foundations he's laid are vital to the future.

Listening to Ole's interview after the game. It was put to him that the players were playing for him but instead of accepting the praise he said this: "Don't even start. Don't disrespect the players. They play for Man United. They know they're the luckiest men in the world."

Maybe I’ll do this after every home game this season, but you can’t underestimate the influence of . They sing ALL match like it’s an away day.

We started the season without a player who has been one of our most important on the attack. He had been one of our most important when carrying an injury for years. Now he's finally fit. 2 goals in 91 minutes since returning.

I understand why people want to claim any issues with United are down to Ronaldo signing, and questioning why we did it. With 6 goals in 8 games, and crucial winners, it's becoming increasingly difficult for people to argue that point of view, as desperate as they may be.

Did have to wonder whether the players had downed tools. Don’t have a conclusive answer to that still but that second half showing was important.

Never in doubt 😉