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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

It’s iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro time! In less than 8 hours we will see this on ! Renders by !

How I would have named the new iPad lineup, because for some reason I think about these things

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Can we see macOS Monterey Beta 7 today?

Che ne pensi? Hanno in mente di rilasciare un iPad Air 5 insieme ad MBP M1x o rimanderanno tutto al prossimo anno?

So iPad mini 6 was surprisedly released and actually has a powerful processor (A15) than the A14 of Air 4, Is Apple planning the release of iPad Air 5 with A15 and Center Stage in the next ?

I think that we will see macOS Monterey Beta 7 in 52 mins!

Ma di cosa stiamo parlando

Good morning from somewhere a little different this time. We’re California streaming in 3 hours! See you soon. 👀

Apple Maps Look Around, now in Italy too! But rendering is faster in USA than in Italy and in UK.


iOS 15 Beta 9 today? Or only GM on Thursday?

So iOS 15 Beta 9 Today?

Apple Event 14th September 2021 | Official Teaser Watch it now:

We’re California Streaming on September 14th. See you real soon. 🏞