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Jessica William

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Football is such a funny game 😂

Just end this misery now.


These days it feels like I watch United because I HAVE TO, not because I WANT TO !

I am numb

Getting really tired of repeating how terrible this team looks week in and week out


Mason Greenwood sensational! What a player we have on our hands

Brady looks a little nervous 🙃

Antardwand: The Fight Within has been added to our 'Art of the Himalayas' collection. (15/15, 0.05 ) This beautiful piece by NY based Nepali artist depicts the conflict within.

Hate how good both these teams are

Not every manager has a perfect player for every position. So it’s his job to get the best out of the team and players he’s got. Unfortunately Ole is not doing that at the moment. He’s had enough time and resources to show that he can do that !

This is indefensible. We can’t be like this every game, every week! Ole is on the hot seat and deserving so !



I really hope this is good ! Need my Sopranos fix !

Making a thread on some of the match pics from the season. Really enjoying editing them on the IPad. Credit to all the photographers who took these.

We all enjoyed and celebrated that winner yesterday but the simple truth is Ole needs to do better. This season apart from the Leeds game hasn’t been good enough and things need to change quickly !

Majority of United fans don’t have the means or resources to experience this in person. They are not fortunate enough ! But that doesn’t mean their opinion or love for the club matters any less !