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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Still waiting for a new F-Zero to be announced...

Instead of putting this whole thing together they could have just as easily bought her a tier 3 sub to

So you're telling me they played the Olympus Coliseum theme during an athletic spectacle in a huge arena with no one in the stands

Happy 20th birthday, Max Payne, from (Max Payne), James McCaffrey (Max Payne), and a familiar leather jacket. 🧥🎂 Happy anniversary to everyone at Remedy, , , and to all of you who love the game. Let's celebrate using the hashtag !


Brought a smile to my face

Maybe instead of getting mad at Nintendo, who never said a word about what the specs of the new Switch model were going to be prior to revealing it, get mad at internet bullshitters for feeding you a bunch of unfounded rumors and speculation in exchange for your clicks.

Can confirm this is still true. Limit of 5.

I can not wait for this game. This was never on my radar but i'm literally more excited for this than anything getting added to Rise.

Dear Nintendo: please revive this series 🙏

Toad is the king.

Now that I got an XBox, I can finally play the Ori games. Ori and the Blind Forest is so good. Enjoying this so much!

First impression. Damn this system is ugly. Its literally a black box.

Holy shit, got a Series X today from GameStop

What even was the point of Capcom having a showcase?

Luigi has a freaking bow... a bow! This is awesome!