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Threads: Over the last one year of running this account, I've primarily focused on writing threads about the long term aspects of Ole's process — squad building, philosophies, squad introductions etc. This thread will be a collection of some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy. ⤵️

Omg he’s not smiling, and we’re winning? Does he get praise for this?

No content for that nott forest fan and his mates

Gentle reminder that many wanted us to lose this game so the manager gets sacked. Tonight showed why they aren't real fans.

So many hate articles are getting deleted as we speak 😂

Damn we've had some incredible moments under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer I can't lie

Just listen to how confident he sounds. He's will never go down without a fight - he's here to stay!

Takes all the blame and none of the credit. That's the Ole way.

When we talk about the United Way and The United DNA, this is what it means.

2 goals in just 91 mins He's back better than ever❤️

Ole didn't hold back, trailing a goal, brought on attacking sub after attacking sub. Cavani, Pogba, Jadon all before 73'. It wasn't an easy call, fraught with risk but he stuck to his guns. Cavani got the assist for the Maguire equaliser. Ole's subs once again changing the game.

The Theatre of Dreams 🥂

A bad day for Bruno is the best day for most.

Rashford, Maguire, Ronaldo with the goals. Bruno, Cavani, Shaw with the assists. That's the leadership group of the squad. They stood up and delivered when it mattered most.

These players will always come out fighting for Ole. That says a lot.

That's an Ole Gunnar Solskjær game if there ever was an Ole Gunnar Solskjær game.