Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Just getting into Solsteads? Here's your GUIDE! First thing to do is check out the neighborhood! There are so many delightful houses and friendly people. Head on over to to see them all!

Oh yeah - when we say "open to all", we mean it

OK that last tweet was a little off-brand so we deleted it, just consider us too hyped to show off the Citizens tomorrow 😄

Getting asked in Discord if the Twitter was hacked - nope, we just used up our one allotted swear word for the year

Finally fixed up my gallery! 🏡🖼️ Very excited by what the team is working on, can't wait!

Hmm, people might be interested in the Citizens? Coming soon 🤠

Coming soon. Open to all, and free for Solstead owners.

Hello neighbors! Been bidding on here and there for a while now. Wifey's super bullish on Solsteads and been checking every morning for a good deal. Found a King Street near the floor and just had to pull the trigger. Now wifey is quite steamed 🤣

The folks at Message Party made this great 1/1 for us to give away! To win: 🌟RT and reply with your favorite emoji 🌟Follow and 🌟Join Message Party Discord:

Who could this be?

Got a now a resident of Grime Lane 465 😎 check out where my NFTs live

Rise and shine ☀️

Something big is coming to the neighborhood... follow us and stay tuned next week 🤠

Whoa, love it 👻 see you at the 2022 Halloween event!

Climbing the property ladder ✊ Picked up 62 Rosa Street and 218 Bit Boulevard 🧙

Building a house for my will take some time, so I bought a . And since I'm a fan of renewable energy, I added some solar panels.

Very happy to see my sailor surrounded by such spectacular housemates. Thanks for collecting my art. If you want to see a house full of brutal works related to , you just have to take a walk through

After missing the minting a few months ago, today I've decided to buy a house for all my jpegs.

The steads DAO is young but now has a home away from home - thanks 🤝

gm ☀️ What's going on in the neighborhood today?