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Jessica William

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. wishes a Happy Birthday via Instagram story ♥️✨

“No amount of lies will make us forget this happened and you will never win against us! We will not be silenced or broken!” - via Instagram 💔

. via Instagram story We will not forget 20.10.20 💔🕊 Source:

Nigeria will not forget the day Nigerian youths came out with one voice to fight a just cause. Nigeria will not forget the events that greeted this day. We will not forget!

I dont know why people feel the need to compare they both put in the work just appreciate them and move on

Someone like myself only started watching Nigerian movies for the first time in over 10 years because of Erica. The babe has put in the work, stop trying to discredit her

It’s ok one day you’ll relate to success 🤗

You know what still cracks me up. The tweet said choose your favorite. But twitter NG said no, let’s make this about Erica Nlewedim. Elites, don’t choose your fave again. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Royal castle alone with Erica as lead actress was three or so years before big brother.. She had my household on choke hold every Friday evening on NTA... She was that good!!! Reasons why we supported her when she went to the house.

🎥: The best actress in Nollywood currently on set filming 💫✨ via Instagram story

Erica Nlewedim’s updated filmography. Erica has been acting since 2015 $ & has starred in several films and series over the years. She works hard and she is a very talented actor! The best is yet to come. Stay tuned! 🎬💫✨

Elites, honestly we need to go back to reporting accounts that deliberately set us and Erica up for harassment. It’s obvious they do this for engagement and love the attention you give them! Report the morafukers instead‼️ Especially those self acclaimed ‘Influenzas’ 😕

You think Erica started acting after bbn? It’s the audacity for me! Erica already had 5years acting experience plus film school qualification before bbn!

Not a lot of people are worth the response but I have to set things straight since there’s this ignorance concerning BBN talented actors! It’s a platform to show what u have been doing before to a larger audience! I don’t only work hard I work smart!

Don’t you ever in your life undermine my hard work!I did it all! free work, low/mid budget films, went to Filmschool to improve. Do u know how many talented actors are still unknown cos the right people don’t know them? I should have sat at home waiting for magic instead of BBN?

Erica Nlewedim has a star named after her🥰

📸: Star Girl via Instagram story 🎬💫✨