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Jessica William

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How about a post Crown Jewel Q & A? Ask me anything if you want.

Words can’t describe what it felt like to be a part of this amazing night & moment with the people beside me and the people in the audience! …But this picture says it all. 😁🙏🏾 A moment bigger than me Thank you Saudi Arabia.

. so proud of you! I still remembers seeing you for the first time at your try out 12 yrs ago! Your relentlessness has always been something I admired about you…then there’s the beauty you naughty girl lol CONGRATULATIONS 😘

Alright I'm done for the day! I have never cried more over an entire PPV 😭🤧❤️👑 God I'm happy for this man.

This was so sick! Simple but effective, loved it!

Who has this clip? This was sick!

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The women have been on a different level this year, Women’s Wrestling is awesome🙌🏽❤️

EXCLUSIVE: QUEEN ZELINA has a royal address following her victory at !

It's the way they love each other for me 😭😭

After the ladies I kind of stopped paying attention. Let me go watch Reigns vs Lesnar

I fckn love Becky 😂

Fulfilling a life long dream is cool but have you ever seen your 4 year old excited that you did it?

the women of professional wrestling did that tonight 🙌🏾❤️

Every time the women of compete on a global stage, they never disappoint and tonight’s matches at were no exception. I am so proud of the example these women are setting for the millions of kids looking up to them across the globe!