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Jessica William

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Talking about the Sox ending the year with 6 “easy” games is fine but I have no clue what to expect after that embarrassment of a series. The Blue Jays are the most talented team of the 3 actually in the WC race. They love losing though. I have zero clue how this week will go.

All the Red Sox needed to do this weekend: Win 1 game What the Red Sox did this weekend: Won 0 games

One of the funniest balls I’ve ever seen

Fenway is always gonna play Sweet Caroline. Complaining about that is so tired

“As recently as 2 months ago the Red Sox overcame a deficit”

The Vazquez foul tip catch should have been an out but what’s the rush to transfer that ball anyway? Weird play all around.

You can’t give Aaron Judge two extra chances and you can’t hang a slider to Giancarlo Stanton. It’s rather simple. (you also can’t afford to lose Garrett Whitlock to the IL)

Everything is awful.

HOW CHEAP IS THAT?? Vazquez caught that ball and lost it in the transfer. I demand this game is now under protest.

Tyler Wade think DJ walked or something? Maybe the dumbest approach to 2nd I’ve ever seen on a steal.



Jose Iglesias is always doing something productive. This guy is a ballplayer.

Alex Verdugo Fan Club

Interviews in the booth during a ballgame are nearly impossible to pull off smoothly

Update: I’ve changed my shirt. Now wearing the “Alex Verdugo Fan Club” shirt. If he does anything big it’s absolutely because of this shirt change. Thanks.

Renfroe is built better than Mike Trout dude

Me every Sunday by the 4pm games

Was that Mac Jones or Mike Vick??

Put Edelman in the game now