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— reasons to love sim jaeyun♡ A thread:

jake is such a warm person and is good of taking care of the members. Jungwon keeps on saying that whenever he's tired he just go and talk with jake and everything will feel okay. Jake is just so full of love and comfort that ppl feels happy by just being with him.

jake hangs out with everyone, he doesn't stick with just one person. He's very friendly and kind that he instantly clicks with ppl. Jake never misses a chance to compliment heeseung in everything he does. Jake makes sure that everyone feels loved :(

jay and jake's bond is so good. They watch movies and series together with sunghoon and also talks about fashion with them. Jake helps other to speak english as well to the point that they're already picking up his aussie accent🤧

both sunghoon and jake finds it hard to open up to someone but they find comfort with each other. They always make sure that each other is fine and happy. The friendship they have is just so wonderful. They have so many differences but it was never a hindrance for them <3

ofc our crown duo! They have been together from the start. They trained and practice together even before i-land. Jake always compliments sunoo's positivity and admire his talents. He's very vocal when it comes to sunoo. He even offered to treat him for his bday🥺

Jake is always there for ni-ki he literally treats him like his own little brother. He talks and joke around with ni-ki. He always praise his talents and teach him a lot of things. He's very supportive to ni-ki :<

I think that some ppl are just into the bad boy edits and such that they just forgot how lovely and sweet he is as a person. Those edits are not him. We know him better than anyone. He's very open to us so I don't understand why some are taking advantage of it.

Jake is so God fearing. He always make sure to thank God of the blessings he have been receiving and always make sure to pray before and after their performances. He's a good person. He's more than what u think he is.

He already said that it was hard for him to open up to someone again bcs he's too scared that they will just eventually leave him but said that it was different for the members bcs they really feel like a family now. He trust us so much so i hope we tried our best to

+ protect him from anything that can hurt him and love him more bcs he deserves that.

—end of thread—