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The Federal Council decided to introduce from Monday, 20 September 2021 new rules for entry to Switzerland and for people vaccinated abroad to access the COVID certificate. More:

Quatre courts-métrages expliquent brièvement la politique suisse en matière de formation, de recherche et d’innovation:

Switzerland's education, research and innovation policy explained in a nutshell in four short films:

Il Consiglio federale decide nuove regole per l'entrata in Svizzera. Valgono da lunedì. Il rientro dalle vacanze autunnali non deve portare a un incremento dei contagi: (BK)

Der Bundesrat beschliesst neue Regeln bei der Einreise. Sie gelten ab Montag. Die Rückkehr der Reisenden nach den Herbstferien soll nicht zu einem Anstieg der Ansteckungen führen: (BK)

Le Conseil fédéral fixe de nouvelles règles, applicables dès lundi, pour l'entrée en Suisse. Le retour des vacances d'automne ne doit pas provoquer une augmentation des infections: (BK)

Federal Council extends COVID certificate requirement. From 13 September 2021, a COVID certificate will be required in the following situations (see infographic). More:

"Without education there can be no equality, no prosperity, no sustainable development." Quality & universal public is essential for🇨🇭international cooperation. Thus🇨🇭has renewed its pledge towards Watch SDC Director Patricia Danzi's pitch👇

Switzerland will be treated as a non-associated third country in Horizon Europe, until further notice. Researchers in 🇨🇭 can still participate in calls for proposals under the status, albeit to a limited extent, and receive funding from the Confederation:

Find out quickly which precautions you have to take to enter Switzerland.

Travelcheck: The tool for the entry into Switzerland With the new tool «travelcheck» you can quickly find out which precautions you have to take to enter Switzerland.

So happy & thankful to hear my application was selected for a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship ! 🥰 I am very excited to be in the network, and I am super looking forward to new learnings with & from September! Padayon~

FAQ: New Entry Requirements. The new rules apply from 26 June 2021. Read:

23.06.2021 Coronavirus: Federal Council to take further, wide-ranging reopening step and to relax rules on entering Switzerland. More:

Entrée en Suisse des citoyens d’États tiers: assouplissement des restrictions pour les personnes qui peuvent prouver qu’elles sont vaccinées. Il est à nouveau possible d’entrer en Suisse en provenance de pays tels que les États-Unis, l’Albanie ou la Serbie.

Entrée en Suisse en provenance d’un pays avec un variant préoccupant du virus: les personnes qui ne sont ni vaccinées, ni guéries, doivent présenter un résultat de test négatif et se mettre en quarantaine. Les personnes vaccinées ou guéries peuvent entrer librement.

Entrata da parte di cittadini di Paesi terzi: le restrizioni esistenti concernenti le persone che dimostrano di essere state vaccinate saranno allentate. L’entrata da Paesi quali USA, Albania o Serbia è di nuovo possibile.

Quarantaine obligatoire : la liste des États et des territoires a été mise à jour avec une entrée en vigueur le 3 juin.

Anyone who has a Swiss passport or a valid Swiss residence permit can enter Switzerland at any time. All travellers must take note of the health-related measures at the Swiss border.

28.05.2021 At the end of his grant , Russia, gave very successfully his Master Performance Recital in a fully booked Auditorium @ Musik Academy Basel . On behalf of ESKAS to all 335 Swiss Gov‘t Excellence Scholarship holders our best wishes 🍀and good health👍!