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NEW! In advance of the next week's debut of the latest TrekRanks takes a Voyager deep dive into the "Top 5 Delta Quadrant Species"! From the Ankari to the Zahl, we have it all covered on this fun episode. Which species make your list? 🔊

🚨New Episode Alert!🚨In this episode, we meet some truly unique species--and the scientists who want to murder them. We'll try to communicate with them all, big and small, as we compare the TNG episodes "Evolution" and "Silicon Avatar".

Been wanting to check out the podcast but prefer audio-only format? Good news, you can now listen to every episode so far on Spotify! Follow the podcast here;

It's double whammy fun-day today at 3pm on . TWO guests: & reviewing TWO episodes... of Short Treks: "Q&A" and "Ask Not". Plus all the usual podcast fun. Set your reminder now!

Morning the Twitter's and happy Saturday! I am buzzing from that finale, how good was that?! Today I'm dog sitting my parents beagle so will be insisting on calling him Porthos. (He is not as well behaved as Porthos tho...)

Morning the Twitter's! So it's finale of LowerDecks day for a lot of us... Not me tho, that's tomorrow. I've been taking my chances the last few weeks, seen the odd bit here and there, but not this time! Shutting down, have a great day all and see you tomorrow! 🖖

Will is like some sort of Babylon 5 master, years ago he guided me through a full watch through, so I heartily recommend his mini reviews as he rewatches the series through. Because you know he's going to having the time of his flipping life doing it!

Getting slightly worried that this Blue Origin thing will attract the attention of a passing Vulcan survey ship and First Contact is made with Bezos and Shatner as our representatives...

Morning the Twitter's! Happy Monday, new week, new trek coming our way! So excited for Prodigy and the LD finale AND for new Discovery soon! Hope you're all in for an awesome day 🖖

Ep 6 of Hit or Miss: Podcast is going live NOW! Join Mike & the effervescent as they talk intros to Trek, starship redesigns, sarcastic engineers & more. Plus a full review of the episode "Nepenthe". Ready the pizza!

I have just had one of the best podcasting recordings OF MY LIFE! and I can't wait for it to come out! Seriously, just throw a bunch of Trek loving nerds together and it is gold!

Awesome listen as always to one of my favorite podcasts for some deep dive into TOS and of course the hot takes!

NEW! Scientist. Counselor. Klingon icon. Dax was all of these and more. It's the "Top 5 Dax Episodes" on the new TrekRanks. Jadzia, Ezri, Curzon – all one in the same, and also uniquely different. Lots of ways to breakdown Dax. Let's hear your favorites! 🔊

Just spent an hour restarting and rebooting my email and laptop with no avail. I phone our IT dept. and haven't even finished describing the problem and the flipping thing starts! That's either incredible service or the machines are out to embarass me!

If you're wondering what I think about Emissary and some other trek topics, this is a place you find out! Quick, because I'm indecisive and might change my mind soon, so check it out while it's current!

Flipping flippety heck, the latest is flipping amazing! Absolutely love it, such a well done story.

Sometimes you're happily doing podcast homework and an episode absolutely blows you away in a whole new way! Also Trek is so blessed to have Scott Bakula.

Is Brunt a 'Hit' or a 'Miss'? Watch the latest episode of the podcast now for thoughts on this and more;

Day 7 - Dark A lot of people sat DS9 was dark, but sister station Empok Nor was darker, the lights were off for a while, at least till Dukat and his cultists set up shop!

Day 6 - Prophecy. My favorite one is the one about the Kuva'magh in Voyager and the way the Klingon leader is happy to twist interpretations to see fulfillment. Great look at the political flexibility of something like prophecy.