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Jessica William

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This is the lair of Trogdor the Burninator! I plan on spreading burnination across the fat community through commissions of my beef & majesty while also supporting artists and interacting with the peasantry of the community! Side goal is growing The Keepers of Trogdor sect!

big bellied Power Girl :D commission for

Eyo another commission and she big.

Secret pokemon BW epilogue

My last plug before I get back to the Matadora Beer Snob pack - Just added Gym Failure Friends XXL + Bonus on Maybe still the best thing I've ever done?

I've uploaded the 2019 Fan Art Fat Pack Remastered on with some minor updates from the original release and full res images. It's pay what you want with a minimum of $5 (mostly because of the resolution).

Another full res re-release! Jiggle Belle 2: In Space (Full Res) on Maybe you've never read it before! It's very narrative light, but I'm still happy with a lot about it.

remember when Hilda had a huge fat ass yeah me too

First Patreon request drawing completed! For an anonymous patron, their OC Hannah Scott, having trouble pulling up her pants

Inktober day 20 - Amphibian Man Love (Digital "ink" today lol)

Part 15 and the drive is complete!! Thank you all SO much for the support on Cherri's soda drive, she is very full and very happy!! Drew a little extra thing of my other ocs meeting her for the first time. Thank you for all the support on this project💙

Second batch from September's Super Sundae patreon sketch requests! 🟠📝 - Willow Schnee - Rukia Kuchiki - Olivia - Rae (OC)

Back on my bullshit

November commissions are officially open! Get your Christmas themed art now! ❤️ DM me if you are interested. :3

Some vampires feed differently than others.

A commission by ! Thank you for your business! Hyper pear is not a body type I am ultra familiar with but it was fun to draw! Like what I draw and want to support more gals like this hyper pear elf? Consider supporting me on !

Right answers only c:

💋 Custom Bimbo Design 💋 ♡ 1 slot! ♡ Flat Color: $250 USD Fully Rendered: $350 USD 1-4 week turnaround ✿ Comment/DM to claim! ✿ ⬇️ More info down below ⬇️