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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

When I finally die I want to die early in the morning. I can’t be going to work for no reason that day.

And the reason why? Well, most women say it's because they get BORED.

How many married women cheat on their men? Go on, take a guess. Well, according to surveys (and remember, these are just the wives who ADMIT it) the number is over 50%. With girlfriends, not surprisingly, the stats rises significantly. And you thought MEN were bad.

VUKANI MaFighter. Let's go work to get our

This is what Media won't tell you about EFF, before criticizing EFF show us what your political party did for Black Masses without using State Funds

Have you seen the way short people sing “Asphelelanga”? They get all emotional, you can really see they are not joking 😂

No will be in a rush to close their bank accounts. will laugh this off.

Doing a DNA test after finding a job is very important, phela you can't feed the wrong parents bethuna😩🤣

Anithini ama bank balance bangane? Ngizwa bethi inyanga uma isinjena ayabe esesithi 99.7 kumbe 106.9 sengathi ngama radio stations.

Fridges for sale, they do NOT work but can be used as wardrobes.

Just overheard some lady say the way some guys suck breasts, you'll think they were deprived of it as an infant. I should stop eavesdropping on people's convos.

“Black people rebel against everything but religion. They even think they are more religious than colonizers”.- Anonymous.

Ladies, sex is not the only thing that makes men happy, sometimes ask for his bank details and send him money for no reason nje 😊

Twitter (cc ) I need some user testing help, we put this together: which lets you put in your address and find out who is running in your ward for . It creates an google search in the candidates name so you can at least see

Women should not have children after 35...

On this day in 2011, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was assassinated by Barack Hussein Obama who did it through his proxies.

If umuntu wakho doesn't text or check on you nawe ubothula kuvele kube kwabaseKuthul' ebandleni Amen🙌