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Jessica William

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I absolutely loathe the majority of the football community man lol. Ndombele has been one of our most talented players for years now, and many wanted him sold for peanuts. Now this is where we're at lmao. Playing under the football terrorist was bad, wasn't it? Who saw it coming?

Made to read a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I’m blessed to have had so many incredible moments in my career so far. From to , and (of course) that night in Amsterdam. I want to share with you my story. These are my ‘Moments’ with

Just taking a moment to imagine Tanguy and GLC in a midfield coached by Erik Ten Hag

And of course major props to all designers involved!

This is really cool. I'm not a graphics designer or anything, but I've been following Fredrik for a while now. Here's a bit of his awesome content!

A reminder that you don't have to stan your club's owners. The owners aren't the club, it isn't a package deal. You don't have to die on hills defending extremely unethical owners.

New favourite gif

Sorry but this is simply ridiculous

It's true that Newcastle fans don't get to choose who owns their club and what those people do in other countries. But no one is making them wave the Saudi flag. It is a choice to do that.

among outfield players in the PL, Cristiano Ronaldo has attempted the fewest pressures per 90, just 2.65 all the next 20+ players behind him are defenders the midfielder or attacker with the second-fewest pressures per 90 after Ronaldo is Allan Saint-Maximin, with 6.0

Maybe players who have played through injuries & pushed their bodies to the limit when their club "needed" them, then focused on "other things" during recuperation/while injured have realised they're merely commodities in the industry and that football is the least important shit

From pitching to hitting, Ohtani put on a Sho all season.

Another day of football with boys. Had a lovely time meeting and seeing you guys again! Also, Spurs got the W! Looking forward to more in the near future! COYS

Shambles of a club. No one should ever manage them tbh.

striking difference between Brighton walking through the front line of Arsenal's defense and Spurs being too scared to even try passing from the back

Troy Parrott is 4th in League One in xG/90 so uhh there's that.