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Jessica William

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Heartfelt thanks to the fans of Gravity Falls! If you watched the whole series through, you're now an honorary member of the Pines family 🌲

All told we raised 1.6 MILLION DOLLARS for Children’s Hospital! Thanks so much for inviting me to be a small part of this unhinged explosion of generosity and chaos!

HOLY SHMEBULOCK WE GOT ALEX HIRSCH ON CREATIVE BLOCK!!! had so much insightful stuff to say about working in the animation industry!! I’m a big fan of Gravity Falls so this was a super inspiring episode for me! GO CHECK IT OUT!!! 🌲

I’m responding to every text with this image from now on

I got like an hour of sleep last night and nothing that happened today feels real

Thanks to everyone who joined us for EXTREME PICTIONARY- but the stream aint done yet! We’ve already raised $800,000 for children’s hospital but we’re trying to reach 1 Million! Hop on in while the streams still live!

Animation Guild negotiations begin today! Please keep spreading the word! For more information:

This is happening right now!! Come help us raise money and I are teaming up for some crazy Pictionary! If you think I couldn’t draw before (rude, how do you know?) wait until you see me try using my head

It’s Insomnia O’Clock, fellers! Time to post anything you think might help me fall asleep, for the love of god

I’ve written for TV & feature, live action & animation, and there is *zero* difference in the skill needed to do great work - so why this huge difference in pay? It’s always been bullshit- it’s time to close this gap!

Guys this insane group of YouTube lunatics have convinced me to play “Full-Contact Pictionary” for charity. Please watch this Nov 30th because I may die live on camera

If I was a YouTuber my handle would be “36 Year Old Man.” “WASSUP it’s YA BOI 36 Year Old Man smash that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button to help me pay for my lower back pain MEDICATIONNNN SKRRRT SKRRRT”

This is just one of TONS of hilarious bonkers games & events on tomorrow’s livestream to raise 💰for children’s hospital!! Tons of cool YouTube people will be there, and also one dumb non-YouTube person (me!)

TOMORROW! Do you want to see me and (Dipper himself!) play full contact Pictionary LIVE for Charity? Then check out ’s stream at 11:30 AM PST! Blood will be shed! Money will be raised! ☠️✏️

Because you want to see a bouncy baby bison enjoy the first snow of the year. Credit: Imgur/sparklepinyglitter

My friends: This year we had our second child! Me: This year I learned how many Reese’s cups I can eat in a single sitting before they start tasting weird

(WARNING: This tweet is dangerously sincere and will self-destruct when the stuffing-high wears off)

Somehow we all made it to another thanksgiving. Eat something bad for you & hug someone who cares about you. If the pandemic taught me 1 thing it’s that you can’t take anything for granted so hold onto the people that matter while you can. Everything else is just noise

WRITER A: Writes an episode of Adventure Time that wins an Emmy, earns millions in merch, and spawns a meme that becomes part of our everyday conversation forever WRITER B: Writes ep 300 of a live action cop show that airs between two other cop shows Guess who makes more