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I think he did not reject her, he simply felt her coldness and her distance A man who suffered the abandonment of his mother is obviously afraid of the rejection of the woman he loves ... Haziran must heal his wounds


batu is a mysterious character that we couldn't figure out till the last moment is a good or bad one we loved him and hated him at the same time 💕🙏 He will be missed

i need a chat with aksel in private aksel if anyone is blackmailing you or playing on you or something like that talk to us we will find a solution ama dont slaughter our duo our dizi dont ruin it yapmaaa it hurts bad çok bad

AN is such perfect as a boyfriend and AAT as a girlfriend 💚💙 Hope they will never miss the chance 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

the thing that disappoints me most is we saw them happy for a very short time! They deserved at least a few episodes creating more memories, having more solely time together! Of course, fandoms would have been very happy with that

So true

these scenes made me fell in love to poyhaz

I don’t think this is an option because idil understand now that she didn’t love poyraz and also poyraz will never do something like this

On the drama plot perspective, presumably someone they know since they’re both in it. Maybe Master Ali? Hahaha…

this is the way p express his love! h was always tolerated his anger and surrendered to him! she knew nobody could love her as he does! but everything messed up in the last episode! Hope they will not keep separated very long

He has come to her rescue so many times, usually when they are at odds w/ each other. And she always accepted him. This was his spark of hope. This was the way he knew she understood and wanted his love. When she didn't accept his protection it broke him.

i swear I can watch adamasali whole life as long as are there 💙💚 even if there is no such drama, conflict, fights in the story I can watch them without getting bored 💕🙏 their beauty and chemistry 💥🥰

Best thing happened in episode eighteen When fatih talks about family 😭😢🤷‍♀️😂I cry with him. May all elder ppl have there own families No one feels like alone without home😅😭😢i cried for him.

hahah thats obviously not gonna happen but it's also interesting that batu stays at the hotel, and poyhaz are both stayed in izmir 😱 until recently they only spent one night there, i wonder how the next day will be their rooms were on the same corridor for example

and make it two this time please 😆

"Or did you also make the award an excuse like me" "Haziran do you know why i came here" He tried to tell her twice that he had come there for her 🥺♥️

can we talk about how poyraz for the first time didnt hide his feelings and openly said he came for her

when we will get a fragman please