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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Bee Yelling is just a sensible discussion in calm tones until you regret what you did tho

making enchiladas for dinner. who’s coming over?

A life tip: when someone says they don’t know how to do something you can do, an appropriate answer (if you must answer) is “oh, would you like me to show you?” What isn’t is telling them how shocked you are that they can’t do it, which implies they’re deficient for that.

To be clear, I don't need my White allies to feel guilty about the past. I NEED YOU TO MAKE YOUR UNREPENTANT FAMILY AND ASSOCIATES FEEL THAT WAY!

nonbinary people are not cis lite™️

cis allyship vs the inevitable bottleneck of convenience, a tale as old as time

Good morning to my sluts

i talk a lot of shit for a someone who still can’t spell worcestershire

Getchu some friends who support your hopes and dreams like

people think i am too much of a snob to follow back when the reality is that my adhd makes the idea of committing to looking through my followers a living nightmare

I'm Ben Shapiro and I'd like to say "What is the problem with white math teachers teaching SOHCAHTOA in headdresses, I thought leftists wanted more representation?" Debate me.

Whether it's Atwood or Contrapoints, if you concede that there's any level on which a person's identity can be determined as valid or invalid besides self-identification, you're conceding the whole fight.

I’m really proud of everyone who walked out today But as this dialogue continues, it is vital to keep focus on the fact that this is about more than getting a special pulled this is about a trans woman being misgendered in death by the man who made her a target she matters

even if you believe “god” created male and female and that’s that, we were still left to figure it the rest out on our own. maybe instead of focusing your anger on people just trying to find a path to being happy, you should hold responsibility for your deadbeat galactus

And They said, let there be ass. And it was good.

i don’t take the power i have in summoning hosts of ass pictures lightly. great responsibility, etc. kinda rules, though

Gaahh I just absolutely fucking ADORE loud, slutty women. Like do I wanna be you or wife you?? WHO KNOWS, NOT ME?? I JUST LOVE YA.

You are the philosopher of butt stuff we need. ArASStotle if you will