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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I did this for my PC Background but i love it so much that i wanted to share it here PNG [NSFW PAGE WARNING]:

I want to draw this scene from the Blacksad game but nsfw More like Weekly taking pictures of a nude Al Stone But i'm too lazy--

Long ago, we used to run a yearly Halloween themed Sam & Max fan art contest. This year… it came back. Behold the SAM & MAX HALLOWEEN CONTEST 2021! Make Halloween Sam & Max art and send it to [email protected]! We’ll share our favorites Nov 1!

I was bored and wanted to try using warm colors so i did this including and alternate version

How does people make comics and don't get tired of it? Maybe i just don't have the energy for one

my boyfriend and me made a roll of chapter 3 (unofficial) of deltarune, it's fun

Noelle's sprite when she is doing the Snowgrave is the best

Doing Deltarune Fanart again! Who don't love Queen? She's so... lmao

berdly deltarune because

I think something's wrong with my game 🟢〰️🟢💧

It's been a while since i did something like this, i'm still learning about backgrounds :D

I have to say that i'm taking away from me the MrDu3 nickname and using "Ciro King" because i changed my fursona and also i wanted a new identity more SFW Maybe sounds stupid but is my decission, i hope you all keep supporting me

Color for this big boi

Well, is not the thing i wanted to do for my 100 Followers but is what i can for now, show a concept i made for future NSFW of Springtrap! Thank you all for that!

I just wanted an excuse to animate a penis so I tested some effects to make it throb Art by