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Billboard Charts 📈 Top 10 albums announced Sunday Top 10 songs announced Monday Full charts released Tuesday. Other chart info, anniversaries, milestones & more released daily.

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BTS’ hit single “Permission to Dance” is already off to a quick start on Billboard’s inaugural Songs Chart Powered by . 📈

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.'s history on the : #2, Trap Queen #4, 679 #7, My Way #24, All In My Head (Flex) #33, Again #43, Keke #50, Wake Up #57, RGF Island #57, Promise #65, Jimmy Choo #71, Dat Money #76, Bang My Head #86, Jugg

.'s history on the : #1, Ultraviolence #1, Lust For Life #2, Born To Die #2, Honeymoon #2, Chemtrails Over The Country Club #3, Norman Fucking Rockwell #10, Paradise (EP) #20, Lana Del Rey (EP)

RIP to singer/songwriter Tommy DeBarge. He charted three songs on the as a member of the R&B group Switch: #36, There'll Never Be (1978) #69, Best Beat In Town (1979) #83, I Call Your Name (1980)

To date, have grossed $774.1 million and sold 9.6 million tickets over 453 reported shows in their career.

The U.S. leg of the 2021 World Tour grossed $50 million and sold 363,000 tickets. The tour’s biggest show was on Aug. 5 at in New Jersey ($4.5 million) and its most-attended show was on Aug. 27 at in Las Vegas (36,100 tickets).

Early shows promoting Jagged Little Pill had an average ticket price of $5.57 in 1995. The Can’t Not Tour charged $22.99 one year later. This year’s anniversary tour averaged $59.54.

The U.S. leg of ' Jagged Little Pill 25 tour grossed $29.4 million and sold 493,000 tickets, nearly double the earnings of the album’s original Can’t Not Tour in 1996.

. was the top-grossing venue in September, with a $14.2 million gross and 242,000 tickets sold.

The Festival was September’s No. 1 Boxscore, with a gross of $18.3 million. It was the most-attended edition of the festival since its 2013 debut.

.’s 2021 World Tour was the most-attended tour of the month with 249,000 tickets sold in September.

. reunited for their first tour in 25 years and wound up with the biggest tour of September, with a gross of $22.1 million during the month.

Gracias a todos los que hicieron posible que fuera el tour más grande de septiembre a NIVEL MUNDIAL!! No tenemos palabras para expresar nuestra alegría.

.'s "Way 2 Sexy" brings him back to No. 1 on the chart