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Jessica William

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Dance like nobody’s watching and rock along to SEVENTEEN’s Attacca the Enhanced Album 😎🖤 Catch their exclusive videos, only on Spotify.

carats don't forget to use dream by jeonghan, side by side by minghao, silent boarding gate by jun, bittersweet by wonwoo and mingyu. also spider by hoshi as your fillers too :))))

[ EMBEDDED CARRDS] Carats! Let your IP address rest by switching from manual streaming to embedded carrds from time to time. Let’s stream efficiently! ❤️‍🔥

211023 01:00 멜론 실시간 차트

CARATS!!! 6M ALREADY AND THAT'S 1M IN AN HOUR Make sure to STREAM properly for it to be counted, KEEP GOING! 🔗

[🌟 Weverse] 211023 -00:38 KST- ➸ Actually when I first listened to 'To You', I thought of Weverse ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah!! Not Weverse, but the Carats I met through Weverse💖💙💎 I thought of it

[YOUTUBE] SEVENTEEN 'Rock with you' Official MV has surpassed 6 MILLION YouTube views. 🎉 We are doing so well this comeback, let's hit our goal faster! Fighting, carats! Current views:6,007,964 ▶

the progress in charts and views wow, warm hugs to all carats!!!

We are live on Stationhead! Join us CARATs!!! Let’s achieve our goals!!!

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Genie Chart Freeze Top 10 ♥️✅ 7 tracks from ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥


minwon composing i can't run away is certainly one of the best things thay happened in this era 😭😭

i wanna see pang & crush be a viral tiktok challenge, carats do your thing !!

"if there are carats, we are always #1!" -hoshi rock with you #1 on melon real-time chart!!

truly a no skip album