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Jessica William

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Brett Phillips is gonna be a difference maker in one of these games, mark my words

no shot they put # 1 bs on the ring lmfao I love it here. what a ring this is

not baseball but the future of gator gymnastics is so ridiculously bright and i will simply be driving up for every home meet until the end of time.

Gavin Lux didn’t dive for a ball he probably wasn’t gonna get to anyway, and now we are going to have to hear the commentators blame everything that has ever gone wrong for the Dodgers on him playing CF, for 5.5 innings.

These are the Red Sox I know and tolerate

ur doing gr8 king :,)

Charlie Morton gutting through it. He said some really interesting things about two key emotional pieces of growth that pitchers have to go through. This one seems relevant today.

At least the Rays actually put up a fight. This is tough to watch.

Very cool idea from some Rays prospects!!

The *only* bad thing about the Braves potentially winning this series is that it’s going to fuel the people yelling at clouds about how “analytics” are bad

Braves are you kidding me??? Good for them

MLB requiring minor league housing (per ESPN) doesn't happen without multiple guys going on the record, along with more than 20 others who were brave enough to speak out this summer, to The Athletic. Next up: pay them year round.

look!!! it’s mlb’s collective son!!! go charlie go :,)

UF is a swim and gymnastics school

Bro what is Kiké on rn

this video will haunt me for years to come

I’m mad that the R*d S*x advanced but it’s even worse bc they are using one of my fav songs as their ~thing~. That was and yes I’m still salty.

This time of year feels like a never-ending sunday