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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

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The future is bleak.

While buyouts always make me wary, the message from Suda about this makes me hopeful about the future of Grasshopper.

💙いけないボーダーライン / ワルキューレ💙 Vocal:犬山たまき×神楽めあ() Movie:鬼灯わらべ() Model:のりプロ専属3Dモデラー ミューズ() 神楽めあ3Dモデル Mixing Engineer:飯島 絵莉子 ゆまみ屋 🎧Full version ▶

Yes make everything mainstream, acceptable and sanitized and take away the core identity of the series.


Comparing the retail launch sales of Demon Slayer with some of the biggest anime games for the past 10 years. The game did fine, but that's kind of the issue, this is the biggest IP in Japan at the moment, at the time of announcement we were expecting it to be HUGE, not just ok.


When the Kimetsu no Yaiba game was announced the consensus was that it was going to sell gangbusters in Japan lmao


Omesis, the only vtubers to play russian roulette on video.

Me: Fucking Atlus, releasing launch-day DLC. Also me: Ohh, Cleopatra 😳😳😳 *takes out wallet*

Game unironically made Ashley more accepting when you look up her skirt in an attempt to censor it.

Square-Enix stop wasting money on things that nobody wants challenge.

Now the final date is the same day that SMTV releases. I'll be ready to play it immediately... Or I would, but knowing my country mail service, it will take a month for my Limited Edition to arrive.

I was going crazy because I had only 2 weeks left to finish my thesis and I suddenly hit a roadblock that was taking too long to solve. But suddenly my professor gave me one more week, without me asking for it. That's all I needed to finish it. Miracles do happen.