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Jessica William

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Simone Biles, in extreme slow motion.

This is the most immersive basketball game broadcast experience I can remember

Chris Myers seems awfully sensitive about his dancing ability.

Working with some audio from yesterday's games and BYU's radio team were extremely impressed by the fact Baylor had a pre-game invocation, something they had apparently never seen before outside of LaVell Edwards Stadium.

Here's a good illustration of a Democrat pointing out specific policies that voters in the district supported but that the Republican personally intervened to block. They should all be doing this!

Every goddamn study on term limits has shown that they lead to lobbyists becoming even more powerful because they have more institutional knowledge than lawmakers. Maybe this clown should've read a book before he wrote one.

The man even makes art out of his own mistakes.

wait has he been pronouncing it "jag-wires" all morning?

Women can enjoy and appreciate football too. My mom was a PR person for our local D3 — her alma mater — and I spent Saturdays on the sidelines with her as she shot photos & then later that day in the darkroom as she developed them.

nevada has the same alma mater as my high school did and now i want to know if everyone has that same alma mater song and who actually wrote it

Here's how Ole Miss radio covered the chaos.

Lane Kiffin tonight made the greatest face turn since Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 13

this man, i swear

who even brings a golf ball to a football game

Kiffykins getting drilled with golf balls

As called on Braves radio:

As called on Russian TV: