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Jessica William

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John Doe

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who here collects on tezos?! 🤝

Folks! I don’t wanna give too much away just yet. But lemme just say I’m cooking up a generative project. This is a tiny component of it and I’m pretty stoked with how it’s coming along ✨😬✨

HERE AND NOW: 3 🥳PREVIEW IS LIVE!!🥳 Check out the ticket designs inside including lots of amazing debut art and a special curated gallery by This is a preview of what's to come! 1/1's arriving over the next 2 days Share ur screenshots

Diversification is the fruit of life 🍌

The fact that the generative drop is happening within a month is mind blowing to me, I cannot contain me EXCITEMENT!

No one gets an adreadaline rush when they buy a stock or a crypto token, but they do when they get an NFT they really want 🤩

The absolute bewilderment when you click collect on a piece you know will sell out, and you’re waiting that 20 seconds to see if the tx goes through, that’s that stuff

Lotta people not gonna be ready for this talk I think 😂

So what happens when it hits one year of tezos NFT’s and ETH still doesn’t do it’s big move to being cleaner/more efficient? 😳 yeah.

But have any of the NFT’s you’ve collected made u cry before? 👀🙋‍♀️

just gonna say it, any below 1k tez is an absolute steal. Generative art from a legend right on tezos, still can't believe more people aren't talking about it 💅

I just love seeing artists being happy and having larger outlooks and dreams because of the doors NFT’s open, that’s the true alpha.

jpegs will replace gold.

Praise be to tezos, a 20.2k Tez sale for this 1/3 sublime (and most historic to the tezos chain) piece by What a time to be alive.

vM772F_phor dropping in 25 min on 1000x780p /// 250f /// 25fps /// 3c /// 2021 50 editions at 2xtz each 🏠

My best friend since middle school just bought his first NFT and it was the new drop today on primary, I am so happy I cannot begin to explain 🙌

there is literally not a more hype feeling, than catching 4 hot drops in a row - it is purely exhilarating

A sort by artist in the collections filter tab on would be epic 🤍