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Jessica William

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yoongi's impressive level of patience with bts; a thread

so bangtan's MBTI types (updated): jin - INTP yoongi - INTP hoseok - ESFJ namjoon - ENFP jimin - ENFJ taehyung - INFP jungkook - ISFP

The way jungkook looking at his namjoon hyung

theyre talking about friends being in marvel's eternals and namjoon was saying hes imagining someone fighting and the song going "Someday when these cheers stop *bam* hey" as they punch LOL

211020 🗣don’t tell me, have you not slept yet or did you just wake up like me?? i usually wake up at this time^^ i’m a mother of three kekeke 🐯mother i will leave now to go sleep..

211020 / 5:06AM KST 🐯 mm it’s changed (i’m) sharing it

is my universe remix by SUGA a valid excuse for me to repost this piece ? 🌌🥺

식지않는 열정을 경험하다 Experience a never cools down passion Create Your Winter 2021 FILA Winter Collection 💜제품확인:

BTS will open the show for in Los Angeles, December 3rd. 🎄

We’re so grateful to SUGA for this glorious remix. A BRILLIANT producer on top of everything else ⚡️⚡️⚡️ love c, g, w + j

SUGA’S Remix // TODAY 4pm BST, midnight KST, 8am PT // 💜

[BTS POP-UP : PERMISSION TO DANCE] Are you ready to enjoy some peace-ful dance without permission?

JIN WEVERSE POST 🐹 my pride tv!

🐿this hyung (yoongi) really/actually sleeps like this... 😂