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Jessica William

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SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) 9th Mini Album Comeback Show 'Attacca' @ HYBE LABELS YOUTUBE CHANNEL ✔2021.10.23 9PM (KST) ✔2021.10.23 8AM (ET)

i better not see anybody turning this into fanwars or something. this goes beyond kpop

the damage control being done by jype & twice is concerning. the deleted tweet means they know smth is wrong. instead of speaking up, theyre doing all sorts of things BUT addressing the issue. ik the company handles everything but theyre grown. they have their own platform (bbl)

chief from hometown chachacha

Season 2 is coming soon.

moving to caratland permanently to marry him

always so satisfying to watch mingyu eat 🥰 him describing the chocolate brownie to everyone!!!

his fangs im going to cry

what if i k!ss u

wasnt informed that aib is a romance series

Dahyun's fancams always get viral on Tiktok but on YouTube its crickets

done bingewatching alice in borderland & i am back on my kento phase GOOD LORD i never really liked his pairings in the movies ive watched except for the one in orange & apparently shes the same girl in aib exactly! i need s2 now & a romance movie with the two of them as leads 🥲

a girl group that debuted in 2015 being 4th place on the list of best-selling artists on gaon filled with boy groups . nobody is touching TWICE

..... why would you accept these kind of deals but reject all the dahyun solo offers ... fuck you

sleepy cuddly taehyung