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Jessica William

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John Doe

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twt crop is so ugly what the fuck

category is side profile and theyre winning

the casual face you make when you’re slow dancing with your roommate after contemplating what love means

Oops my hand slipped ☺️ coloring by me original illustration by Jun Mochizuki DON'T REPOST check out my tumblr for more!

Remember that Childe scene on the last genshin trailer and all the redraws? I did mine too

noe seems like the type of person that'd buy random potted plants he sees on his way home but vanitas is the one who ends up taking care of them

Vanitas: "I like you, Noé" Noé: "Thank you very much. I hate you."

連載開始前のラフ。今よりノエのアタリがきつい。 本編のノエはヴァニタスのこと「好きじゃない」とは言うけど「嫌い」とはまだ一度も言ったことないです。(多分) ノエの中の「嫌い」はネーニアとかアストルフォレベル


i can't why these new chapter hurt meeehhhhh, let's make them hug each other instead

Willow is a Vannoé love song and nothing can change my mind

He's only 18 and for the first time he has somebody who doesn't expect him to be anything but himself. He doesn't have to act charming, or be strong, or know all the answers with Noé. Vanitas can just exist.

he's happy when he is with noé isnt he

vanitas is so strong, he never really had the joy of his childhood and spent most his life as moreau's test subject, he went through worse and the fact that he still has the strength to forgive is amazing. when vanitas met noé, his youth started