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Jessica William

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manifesting circle: 🕯🕯🕯🕯 Kim Dayeon 🕯 debut 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯 Let's vote Kim Dayeon

"stop with this lmao, we all know this isn't mnet "twitter for iphone"" bcoz their group name will be jolli-g....jk

This will be the last time she will need your vote in this show. whether she's on top 9 or nah, no one is safe until it's finally announce.

always prioritize your main pick cuz within 3 days top 9 can change drastically

Korean Votes will be dominant in final vote so all Koreans are gonna go to Top 5 as per one probability I saw in my feed

Kim Dayeon 🥰 : Special Live [9IRLS NI9HT A9IT]

[] PH only! In collaboration with , we are giving away an unsealed Taemin's 3rd album 'Never Gonna Dance Again' Act 1 Innocent Ver. Inclusions: pb+cd+poster+photocard Please see mechanics below.

Dyeonramdans don't forget to vote her everyday. Let's focus and do our best to help our ace kdy.

Vote For Dayeon in the Final Debut GG of Girls Planet 999

Mnet should be the one receiving the hates not these people who are only trying their best to help our girls.

you've done a great job, gugugu girls!

I wanna squish her monchi cheeks <33

Hi Filo dyeonramdans! This is KimDayeonPH, the first fanbase dedicated for the All-Arounder Kim Dayeon! We will be posting updates and more through this account. Please support us by following and retweeting this tweet to reach more dyeonramdans. Let's work harder for Kim Dayeon!

if bora actually gets eliminated we all need to vote for shana youngeun and chaehyun for reparations

kim bora planet pass yes or yes

So this is how Suyeon did it