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Jessica William

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Sabalenka wrecks the racket

*NEW SHORT: Ted Cruz is wrong about everything and Texas keeps electing this F moron. The most dangerous kind of stupid is the kind that thinks they are smart. Watch Nostradamus Cruz below.

Like Catnip... 05

Im gonna retweet this video because we need more of this.

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do!

Retweet if you think trying to violently overthrow our democracy should result in some consequences.

RetweetThis Trump's America in one picture.

RT if you think the Senate should

Hey with + for the win!

President Woodrow Wilson was afflicted by a massive stroke at the White House 101 years ago today:

Just continuing to refresh the timeline, learning absolutely nothing, then refreshing it again

After 4 years in power, Trump is just about ready to (1) release his taxes, (2) roll out his healthcare plan, (3) build the wall, & (4) bring back those jobs from China to Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. Just a few more weeks. Right around the corner.

Dear Trump Supporters, Only 3 miles of wall got built; Mexico didn't pay; Hillary's not locked up; Obamacare wasn't repealed; the deficit's skyrocketed; millions are unemployed; and instead of being "great again," America is the epicenter of a global pandemic. Y'all got played.

The liar tweets tonight. 🤬🤣😂🤣😹. Watch till the end.

I understand, but Trump has been 💩- ing on all journalists including Wallace, but they still gave him access.