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Jessica William

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210926 | Bit&Boot Hairstyle Naejoo posted D.O.’s signed 공감 album in his stories playing IGLY w the caption: “Doh Kyungsoo is the best 😲” “To. Naejoo hyung. 2021.9. Thanks to you, I was able to make a great album & I’m really happy. Naejoo hyung, always be healthy & cheer up!”

Chicken Soup for the soul book series are historical fiction now 🤭🤭

EXO D.O. topped the September Week 4th vote with DC Inside and MyCelebs as "Who has attractive eyes among the idol?" The vote ran from Sept 19th~25th and ksoo won 1st with 65.71% (23,060 votes)

(D.O.) ranks #1 in a recent poll of DC Inside as “Idol Star with Attractive Eyes” Kyungsoo received a total of 23060 (67%) votes with Dazzling, Alluring, Lovely & Pretty as his top 4 keywords 🤴🏻 “Actor with magical eyes that transparently reflect the character's soul.” ✨

200926 | 1 year since safely & successfully wrapped up his first musical which he was the lead of. it was one of my best time as a dandanie. we were SO overwhelmed by the amount of content & Kyungsoo updates. we called this day ‘Dandanies’ Feast Day’. good times 🤧

Jan gw kek yg brangkat 😫😫😫 serem amat papua

Whoaaah Papua Buset

📢 THEKKING 📢🗳 Which artist is active after being discharged from the military? 📆 9/23 to 9/29 0AM KST 🎁 1 month CM Board Ad Kyungsoo is currently leading with a very minimal gap, please keep voting! 🔥 Fighting! 💪 (D.O.)

Here’s Kyungsoo’s vocal run in Si Fueras Mia dissected

Gapapa dandanies udah biasa kok klo pd lupa sama Kyungsoo

📢ANNOUNCEMENT📢 Let's participate in 's Out of Stock Project by either of the following: 🌼Purchase Empathy yourself through Hanteo accredited stores 🌼Donate to 's paypal 🌼Donate locally through fanbases (D.O.)

“Wow a real celebrity did (military) cooking? This (the fact Kyungsoo was a military cook) is something to acknowledge” “He got a cooking certificate to become a KP [despite busy schedule] his preparation for military service is the best. That’s why he is the icon of sincerity.”

Here’s a compilation of Kyungsoo’s riffs and vocal runs (melismas) in 2021 from his group album Don’t Fight The Feeling and from his debut solo album Empathy

10月、ムービープラスで『スウィング・キッズ』3回放映♡ 10/ 5(火)8:30~ 10/16(土)6:00~ 10/18(月)16:00~ たくさんRTしていただいたのに情報を一部間違えて載せていたので改めて。

Mamake lg moody ke anak lanang, ditawarin dianter k bekesyong kagak mau 🤭🤭🤭

I remember how shocked I was while streaming this illegally Kaisu party