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even more Eunbi house tour pics

more Eunbi house tour pics

some more lmao apparently this is her parents’ living room 😭

it seems like Eunbi’s spending Chuseok at home with her family and it seems this is how her dad set up the house 😭 it’s basically an Eunbi Museum decorated with her fansite pics, slogans, merch, and even some predebut photos

[📰] 권은비, 반려견과 행복한 미소 '귀여운 애 옆 귀여운 애' (출처 : 뉴스엔 | 네이버 T예) KWON EUN BI, happy smile with her dog. "Cute girl next to a cute girl" ➡️ Please react with the 1st emoji Recommend and share this article

Healing song recommended by Kwon Eunbi: IU ‐ Autumn Morning 🖇 Eunbi: The season has changed and the chilly autumn has come. If you listen to 'Autumn Morning' in the autumn breeze, I think you will feel happy.

은비야 보낼때 사용설명서도 첨부해줬어야했는데.. 다음번에는 신경쓸께💜💜💜💜

This is too cute! We need to see Eunbi and Miyeon in a show together again 🥺💗

my: thank you to eunbi-unnie and gukmuls for being with me, even in chuseok>_< thanks to you, it was a happy chuseok i love you❤️

the way miyeon pointed and did a heart gesture towards eunbi 🥺

명창토끼즈 ....🥺

q: how the show was for eunbi eunbi: from when we met in the special stage until now that were talking like this, i felt like "oh we had a lot of similarities" "we're really alike" and being here, doing this with you, i liked it^^ my: next time, come to gossip idle~~🥰🥰🥰

miyeon said that she would want to go to a trip with eunbi since they have a lot of similarities and she thinks that it would be fun❤️

miyeon asked if eunbi has any place she wants to go with her dog eunbi said that she wants to go to a place with a lot of space and freedom with 금비

miyeon mentioned how they're both enfps! she also mentioned how they both only like the food they like/only have interest in that

eunbi said that her outfit's concept is "high-teen school girl." she also mentioned how miyeon looks good in pink, so she thought of miyeon and wore pink today~ my: that's touching~❤️

Eunbi posing for the camera~!!🥰

they're talking about eunbi's dog rn! miyeon said that the dog's name is very cute🥰

eunbi: oh we're very alike~....attention-seekers...haha my: it's your birthday anyway~~ there's only a week left until eunbi-unnie's birthday~ pls greet her a lot^^