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Jessica William

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A smile made from heaven meant for Uganda. Our next CiC

Welcome the beautiful to Twitter. Follow her please

Gen ‘s soldiers have always idolized him and have boundless faith in him as their next Commander In Chief! Godbless Uganda

We are voting only Gen for presidency come 2026. He is the only one capable to keep our country at peace.

We are removing a dictator is now happily serving the dictator 🤣 and will serve the next CiC come 2026

For the past 59 years Uganda has been our home, our parents were born here raised here and gave birth to us here. We have had our bad times but we now are in our good times. Everything is not perfect but we are on the way to make it there. Thank you

Current & Incoming CIC of Uganda YK Museveni & Muhoozi Kainerugaba

Ki kati to the wonderful people of Uganda Today we congratulate the amazing people of Uganda 🇺🇬 and celebrate them. Who's coming to celebrate this wonderful day with us at the Uganda pavilion located in Opportunity District? 🙌

The East African vibe blew away when he came to do a documentary. 😂😂😂

Tomorrow at 8pm will host the amazing on the spaces to discuss Uganda and it’s journey in the sports world

Muhoozi project THE "GENERATIONAL MISSION" We shall fight for this project, protect it, defend it and make it sound everywhere like MTN. , the will is ours to make you the nxt President of the Republic of Uganda.

So if influencers stoped posting here would we be having this discussion? Would you know that he wants to be president? Would opposition keep quiet about it? No is the answer to every question. We ought to start this conversation now

Dear ,If i say something that offends you, let me know so i can do it again later. Your lips are moving, but all I hear is “blah blah blah…” is far ahead of you man!🤣 @shafssebunya

Gen. Muhoozi noted, "As Commander Land Forces of UPDF and on instructions of Commander-in-Chief, I declare that we need 2000 graduates in the next recruitment." DETAILS: | |

There is a team of very honest supporters that never seize to amaze me. I am very sure the day the good Gen chooses to be on the ballot paper we are going to see a massive change in political mobilization strategies.

Bwana how many killings have happened ever since your Friends were arrested? Don’t loss your integrity

The process vs the end product. The team at is amazing and so are their products

Since the inception of NRA/UPDF, there are things that believe in & these are their characteristics Conscious Discipline, Patriotism (Self Denial & Sacrifice), Pan-Africanism, Good Fighting ( Fighting for just a cause). Great thanks to CIC