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Jessica William

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a compilation of choi san’s impressive vocal range on today’s show. he’s our pride and the lead vocalist of ateez

ofc sani likes them all ㅋㅋ eat well and sleep well jjangjjangman

+ pizza from hong hehe

the fact that sani wanted to kiss hong again during kcon proves how true this is ㅠㅠ my baby wants to receive/give kisses sobs

페잉리퀘 베레모 🐱💙

I've been watching OO's fancam for 2 hours straight! Legend of K-pop! Which idol has the legendary fancam?🎥 Now voting on Whosfan! 🏆 Vote now 🗳

minki and hwa came for him hehe hope they’ll enjoy their late night snacks 💜

i didn’t know where the notif came from so for a moment i thought it was “from ateez” and he used his full name and i was actually scared too ㅠㅠ im so scared to see sad things idk i have this fear after all the sad news hope i will overcome it soon

the way my heart jumped when i got the choi san notification ㅠㅠ i miss him so bad ㅠㅠ babe we can’t reply to you there ㅠㅠ

:¨·.·¨: `·. 아리가또냥 - - 들어보세요 🐾

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im a full-time noona for yeo. we both are geminis and i get well along w/ geminis. i would be a noona that protects him in any situation. same for jjong. i would be a noona that solves problems for him. and i feel like hwa would be awkward w/ me at first bc im so friendly ㅋㅋ

no wonder i always felt like i would match with sani and hong the most and then yuyu and minki. for humor and have fun together, i match with woo really well too but sometimes we may sound sharp that’s why we would bicker a lot. but hong yuyu and minki are bff materials for me

so cute so cute sooooo cute so so so so sooooo cute ㅠㅠ i love woo sooooooo muchhhhhh i love woosan sooooo much

and the fact that my bestest irl friend is also infp explains how im so attracted to infp. she’s the only person who can handle me and she’s also the only person (+san) that i can be patient w/ their extra emotional sides. we match well but tbh idt i want another infp in my life

이터널 도입 웃은거 너무 좋아🙃

롸? 사니 고양이 수염말고도 코도 햇엇ㄴㅔ... 😿

just found out that my mbti and san’s mbti are opposite but that’s what makes them so powerful together ㅋㅋ im entj, he’s infp. im actually not interested in this so i didn’t check it before. but this is so funny actually