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Jessica William

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🐶: it’s comebackㅎ good morning mingyu!!! it’s comeback day!!! 🥰❤️‍🔥

mingyu and jun for rock with you tiktok challenge!!! 🖤❤️

🐶: heoheoheo 🐶: heoheoheoheoheo 🐶: tomorrow’s comeback ㅎㅎhwaiting>< hahahaha mingyu 😭😭😭

mingyu said he’s going to treat seungcheol but mingyu didn’t bring his wallet along 😭

min9yu_k 🖤 you are the love of my life???? MINGYU??? 😭🖤

mingyu!!! how does he makes himself so small all the time.. 🥺🥺

[17’S] 우리 뿌가 또 해냈다‼️ 11인 출연권으로 세븐틴 문특 등장🎉 문특과 세븐틴 케미는 말해 뭐해..💗😉

10th camera for Mingyu 🖤

so funny 😭 mingyu’s reaction to the prank was so pure, he was so surprised and concerned and kept asking “what is this” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

mingyu when he found out the prank 😭

mingyu suddenly imitated lee jungjae in squid game and went “we are kkanbu!!”

[VIDEO] 거 엘베 안에서 방귀는 좀 심한 거 아니오? 이정재재 깐부승관 발연기로 세븐틴 방귀 깜짝 카메라ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 과연 속은 사람이 있을까? ▶

GINGER12月号明日全国発売! 通常号の付録は のジョンハンさん、ホシさん、ミンギュさんのオリジナルシール♥ 4カットが一枚になっているので、カットしても楽しめます!カラーとモノクロのセットになります。 ※通常号すべてについている付録です。 ※P138~139の間に封入されています。

mingyu always looking so handsome in suit!!! kim ceo 🖤

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