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Jessica William

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John Doe

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hoshi and wonwoo look so cute please they're just snacking

✨A Journey To Find Your Signature✨ 5 Days Challenge ✅DAY 1 CHALLENGE✅ "The comfiest style that make you feel pretty" Rules👇🏻 1. RT dan ❤️ tweet ini 2. Reply dengan foto style ternyamanmu yang bikin cantik 3. Mention dan Good luck Goddess!💫


Así recibí los 22🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

SM Entertainment confirmed that EXO’s Kai is currently preparing for a new solo album with the aim of making a comeback at the end of November and they also asked to look forward to it a lot~! ㅠㅠ

211026 KAI NEWS ARTICLE SM's representative has confirmed that Jongin is in the midst of preparing for his new solo album !! (They're) aiming to release the album during end November and told us to look forward to it !!

[02:40 pm KST] 🐺📸 there is a picture like this she looks like she is having a hard time

Happiness in life looks different for different people If u see a foreign labourer excitedly taking pictures with KLCC & LRT, don’t judge. Because u look exactly the same when u play in the snow. What may be routine for u is somebody’s once in a lifetime Share the happiness😊

about winwin’s character (si tu wei lian) - over 100 y/o - adopted son of situ family and a surgeon - looks lively outside but is arrogant inside, doing things for his interest only - met love to break his predestination - two sided, cold and mysterious

⚔️: the sky right now looks so pretty, look 💗

What proper love for a club looks like

wait look at her eye...

She looks soooo good in white! 😍📸 Dori

You look like you've won already on this pic. Let's claim it. STELLxJUSTIN TeaserPhoto

why do the trends look like namjin got married

he introduced himself as “a man who looks good in glasses kim donghyun” and yes sir i agree it’s good that you know


Israeli occupation forces destroy water pipes to four Palestinian villages in the occupied West Bank. This is what slow motion genocide looks like!

211026 😸💬 UPDATE "the cosplay i'm going to be looks really ugly but it's ugly that it looks cool ㅋㅋㅋㅋ “during 2018 even my mom was shocked at that time we were still staying together” “i went home with the makeup and costume” “remember” “2018’s” “chenle”

Look at Junkyu's adorable pout. This image has a lovely softness to it. 💗

Jaehyun in Favorite album Catharsis vers. he looks so stunning 🥰 cr: lleento

cant take my eyes off of haechan he looks lost 😭