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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

1-year-old girl walks her dog best friend all by herself ❤️

Incredibly long-winded way to say that cops in Pennsylvania shot and killed an eight-year-old girl last month.

Woah . Met a girl outside the bathroom at the beach she smiled at me. told her she has nice energy. Ran into her 3 more times before realizing we had the same bday n were both having a hard time lol s/o to Stephanie 💜

MJ lovers,Liquorose is a big fan of the King.Thriller,Billie Jean,The Girl Is Mine(to name a few)..and even the underrated Stranger In Moscow have come out of her mouth and body.She is a Moonwalker,and i need y'all to moonwalk her to success and glory by voting for her.

the video game girl of the day is chiaki nanami ♡ danganronpa 2: goodbye despair

See y’all in Wyoming ✈️

white girl can i rock your world

So I guess I’m “croc girl” now lmao

MAGAZINE {2007} WOOFIN' GIRL - MARCH ✨Photoshoot for the magazine "WOOFIN' GIRL" issue march 2007✨

Was trying my best to give this girl head nanso masa gyae, aseɛ hɔ

For decades, R. Kelly physically and sexually abused women and underage girls. Although nothing can ever make up for years of suffering, those individuals finally received some sense of justice today.

This trip to Disneyland really cemented my love for churros and I can't wait to eat more in a week! Also, we got annual passes again and I'm so happy! -Sky💜

This is not powerful. Being dependent over someone who cheated on you and still wants the girl he cheated on you with is not powerful. If this is how the writer views a strong woman - I'm sorry - 😬

do you wanna cry together y/n?

If I get one more kippo ad istg .... how are u gonna ask me to download it when there are pretty girls like JANET KIMI AND CELINE on there

All I remember is doing the neo dodge thing from the matrix and feeling so cool I’d get hard and then girls would laugh at me for getting hard

Good weekend back from break so excited to get back to playing with these girls!

my baby 🥺 the most deserving girl. i'm so happy every time her job is recognized 🙏

NEW VLOG: WE TOOK A BOYS ROAD TRIP!! (No Girls Allowed, heh)