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Jessica William

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The glow Jimin gets when he’s on stage doing what he loves, just look at how his eyes sparkle! Counting down the days until we see Jimin’s beautiful happy smile at a concert again.

Bright looked at Win then turned away and smiled 👀, while Nani still looked at Win and smile so softly😂😂😂

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The Prettiest Smile.. That's directly Comes from 💖

jisung's heart-shaped smile

sweetest smile from the perfect model taehyung 😊

eunwoo's smile with that eyebrow piercing is giving me life 😭😭

have a very big smile on my face.

Those words!! Being there when someone is at the top is easy.. But being a reason for someone's smile when they are down is something that not everyone can do.

U win..we smile..u look beautiful..we smile..u celebrate ..we smile..u do masti..we smile..u look happy..we hope u continue doing all these to make us smile..and we keep praying so that u keep smiling..becoz ur smile makes our day PEENE LAGE HO OUT NOW

OMG, that smile. My babe is so beautiful. I can't hold my heart anymore 💘🥲

He's cute♥️ he's tall♥️ he's got gorgeous eyes & stunning smile🙈 Our Pride😎

Keep showing us your sweet and bright smile! 🤍

Always wear a smile 😊 because your smile is a reason for many other to smile 😊

Her smile will always be my favorite 😘🤭

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may the mother of Jesus and our mother, always smile on your spirit, obtaining for it, from her most holy son, every heavenly blessing.

Its your birthday, which means look around and smile at everything that happened in the past. Its time to look forward to all that is coming your way Our Champ.keep moving.

Your wide-eyed, bright smile opens my heart to fall deeply in love with you than words can capture😻❤️