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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

"Bobby was overwhelmed with joy at the birth of his child." IM GONNA CRY OF HAPPINNESS FOR HIM. CONGRATS BOBBY! iKON ARE UNCLES NOW LOL WE LOVE YOU BE HAPPY ♥️

210927 <From B.I> Event Hanbin's replies: "I love you, my love." 😆🥺😭

⁣  ⁣   ⁣   hey, . it’s komi kiyoko.   not new, just decided to move.⁣   dms are open so come greet me.   would love it if you like and rt.⁣   ⁣

I love you. Bitch. I ain't never stop loving you. Bitch.

love when so many ppl are together !!! lively !!! love it !!

I have more MC Soobin & Arin selcas than my own selca on my phone... that's how much i love Akong MC 🐇🐣💙

Love itself is very bold in making its decisions.

Let's ignore the idiots and focus on streaming and voting! love you all 💚

〔the man who deserves love. the man who deserves everything. the man who deserves the world... it's josh cullen santos who deserves it all. 〕˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ ❀

You guys know right mark n jaehyun love me 🥺 tadaaaa so happy 😍

Short hair on Hyunjin is my eternal love💖💖

[INFO] Top 10 do Melon em semanas 🇰🇷 Dynamite — 36 semanas Butter — 14** ON — 12 Permission to Dance — 11** BWL — 11 Fake Love — 8 Life Goes On — 8 semanas Savage Love — 6 IDOL — 5 Spring Day — 4 DNA — 4 Black Swan — 3 The Truth Untold — 2 Total: 124 semanas **Ainda contando

Many happy returns of the day to Senior Congress Leader & AICC General Secretary Shri Mukul Wasnik ji. Wishing you years of love, peace and happiness. Happy birthday.


I wish nothing but happiness, love and success your way baby girl. May this dream project of yours be a hit hit and people adore actress Shehnaaz Gill more than ever. All the best to the whole team. ♡

Full collection of these busts!!! Each one was for someone I appreciate very much🦇💕 I’d love to do more of these (//^//)

My chat loves spamming hydrate, so I made a scene.

Logging offline for the night~ Mommy will get to all your DMs tomorrow or try her best to💕love you my adoring followers

a LouJahn au wherein… Louie is a nerd transferee and madalas binubully , but everything changed when the school hearthrob (Jahn) fell in love with her.

🗣️ : Have all the members pets met ? 🐥 : No, only Love and Hankie met. ( Lisa want Love to meet dalgom too but Love is so big she afraid that dalgom get shocked ) 😂