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Jessica William

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Look: 🔸Supermarkets in a German state can BAN you from buying food based on medical status 🔸People in Italy without covid passport are BANNED from going to work 🔸Canada is BANNING people from flying based on medical status 1 year ago these were called conspiracy theories.

Just posing sum dishes 👩🏾‍🍳💋

When your country is running out of food and essentials

are obsessed with quality. (partners, clothes, food, music)

love language is food.

vegan food aint that bad once you add some meat n cheese to it

The Chef, The Food

How can we survive three more years? It is out of control 8 months in. What’s next food lines, no gas, no utilities?

for those who dont understand whats going on, Alex Saab is a Venezuelan diplomat who circumvented US sanctions to help provide Venezuela with food for its CLAP program, an initiative that provides food & sanitary supplies to 80% of the population. he was kidnapped under US orders

Minho when the staff forgot to give Jinki his food:

7 plant foods to elevate athletic performance 🏃🏿‍♂️ Thread 🧵

WATCH: Mexicans remember their dead relatives with marigolds and favorite foods

LA food be pissing me off , why you got a poached egg and avocados on my burger

society is not ready to acknowledge that there are way more foods you can eat in dinosaur shape than chicken nuggets

eating foods high in omega-3s like fatty fish, almonds, walnuts, pecans, and green leafy vegetables helps to protect us against depression.

Jerry is enjoying his favorite foods this . What will you be eating to celebrate? 👇

Bernie Sanders: *sends food to striking workers* Joe Manchin: 52 other Senators have grave concerns with this approach

Yes I know I’ve had my food, but now I want yours too!!🐱🥺xo

We will always stand for the rights of the farmers because it is because of the farmers that we get food grains to eat.